Democratic Senator Tells Trump He Gets Nothing While Holding Children Hostage

Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-MN) told Donald Trump that Democrats aren’t going to do anything on immigration while he is holding children hostage.



Katy Tur: Do you think the president, this administration, believes that ultimately the Democrats will back down in order to stop this, the Democrats will give him his border wall and will amend the Visa lottery program, et cetera?

Sen. Klobuchar: I don’t think people are going to do anything while he’s holding children hostage. We are always willing to talk with him about immigration and —

Tur: Do you think this is holding them hostage?

Klobuchar: I believe that’s what’s happening. I believe it’s leverage, yes. Leverage, hostage, you can call it what it is.

No one should sugarcoat it. Trump has ripped these kids away from their parents and is holding them hostage until Democrats pay for his wall. Let’s not kid ourselves, this isn’t about changes to immigration law. Trump is getting desperate and he wants his wall. It is going to be mighty uncomfortable for Trump to run for reelection in 2020 with no wall to point to, especially since he promised that Mexico would pay for it.

Democrats aren’t going to give in to Trump terrorism

If Trump wants anything, he must release the child hostages, and provide full protection for the Dreamers. The pictures and the audio coming out of the detention centers aren’t hurting Democrats. Trump is being pummeled by the wall to wall coverage of children who are locked in cages and crying for their parents. Democrats aren’t going to cut a deal with a two-bit terrorist, and as long as Trump tries to take hostages instead of governing, he is going to continue to be a failed president.

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