Trump Throws A Jealous Fit Because America Loves Obama More

Trump spun off into a jealous rage because he thinks that America should love him like they love Obama.

Trump tweeted:

Trump is jealous because America likes Obama more

The American people saw right through Trump’s North Korea publicity stunt. There is no deal. There are no first steps to a deal. What Trump did was give up massive concessions to North Korea in exchange for some vague language about getting a deal. Trump did not accomplish anything, but legitimatizing one of the most brutal dictators, which is something that Obama would have never done. The Obama administration did the Iran nuclear deal which was working before Trump destroyed it. Trump did a photo-op with Kim Jong-un and weakened the United States.

Trump desperately wants to be loved like Obama, but Trump isn’t half the human being that Barack Obama is. The Obamas were a loving first family and a role model. Trump’s wife doesn’t even want to live him because he has affairs with porn stars. Obama constantly appealed to America’s better angels. Trump dredges up our darkest demons. Obama used the presidency to try to make people’s lives better. Trump is using the presidency as a personal slush fund to enrich himself, his administration, and his family. Obama never betrayed his country by colluding with hostile foreign governments to win an election. Donald Trump can’t say the same.

Trump is so jealous of Obama that it is eating him up inside.

The American people will think of Trump the way that they think of Obama.

Obama was a trailblazing hero. Trump may go down in history as the biggest traitor to this country since Benedict Arnold.

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