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Rachel Maddow Perfectly Sums Up How Sick Trump Really Is

While talking about if the courts will block Trump’s child separation policy, Rachel Maddow explained that the White House sees the public outrage as a good thing.


Maddow said, “Can the courts block what the trump administration is doing on the southern border right now? All of the political outrage in the world they see as all of the more reason to keep this going. They want this. They see that as politically to their advantage and they think the American people at heart when we vote in November are racist and anti-immigrant to such a degree that even if they say we’re opposed to this policy, we’ll side with the strong man on an issue like this because we’re a country that is anti-grant and that is what they’re counting on. We’ll find out if they are right. When they see the outrage and disgust and protest over this as the sign they are doing the right thing.”

The United States is dealing with a level of twisted sickness that it has not seen before in the modern political era. Trump views the public disgust and outrage over children being ripped away from their parents as a good thing that is a signal that the policy should continue, because they believe that at heart, the American people are as racist as Donald Trump.

The flaw in this calculation is that millions of more Americans voted against Donald Trump than voted for him, but the White House believes that the intensity of racism in the United States is stronger than the revulsion and outrage over it. The plan is to fire up the racists because all of those people who are so disgusted right now won’t show up at the polls in November, but the racists will.

It is a repulsive strategy that shows how low Trump is willing to go. This president is sick, but he is also really bad at basic math. More people voted against the racist in 2016 than voted for him, and the same dynamic is likely to play out with even more intensity in November.

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