Republican Governor Rebellion Against Trump Grows As Maryland Pulls National Guard Troops From The Border

Republican Gov. Larry Hogan has announced that he is pulling the state’s National Guard troops off of the border until Trump stops separating migrant children from their parents.

The Washington Post reported, “Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan on Tuesday ordered a helicopter and its crew to return from New Mexico and vowed not to deploy any National Guard resources to the border until the Trump administration stops separating migrant children from their parents as part of their criminal prosecution efforts. Hogan made his decision amid rising national fury over the issue, as well as calls from state Democrats — including gubernatorial candidates like state Sen. Richard S. Madaleno Jr. — to take forceful action.”

Hogan joins Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker as the second Republican to pull National Guard resources from the border in protest of Trump’s policy of taking away kids from their parents at the border. The details have been appalling a nation as 5-year-olds are being locked in cages and leaked audio revealed terrified kids crying for their parents. Nearly all Republicans in Congress have lacked the spine to stand up to Trump on this issue, but a few Republican governors, in notable blue states, have distanced themselves from their president and party’s policy.

The child separation policy is a stain on every Republican

Trump has enacted a policy that follows every single elected official and candidate who has an (R) beside their name. The only way that Republicans can distance themselves from what Trump is doing is to denounce it. Governors like Baker and Hogan have done so as a matter of political survival. A Republican in a blue state who supports this policy won’t be a governor for very long. There is a rebellion brewing within Trump’s party about the human rights violations that the Trump administration is engaged in on the border, but that rebellion isn’t coming from Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan. Instead, a few Republicans with a conscience are calling for an end to this disgrace to everything that the United States of America stands for.

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