American And United Tell Trump To Fly His Kidnapped Kids With Someone Else

American and United airlines want nothing to do with the Trump administration’s family separation policy as they have asked the White House to please fly their kidnapped children on someone else’s airline.

Here is the statement from American Airlines:

The statement from United Airlines:

Other airlines need to follow American and United’s lead

The other US domestic carriers need to do exactly what American and United did by telling this administration to fly the children that were ripped away from their parents with someone else. There is nothing to stop the Trump administration from telling immigration agents to lie about the children that they are transporting, but every single airline in the United States of America needs to take a stand and tell Trump that they will not be a part of what he is doing to children in any way.

Trump and the Republican Party’s policies are so toxic that they can’t even book a domestic flight.

The children must be reunited with their families, and if this administration tries to fly separated children away from their parents, they must be told no.

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