Homeland Security Is Drafting An Order To Stop Family Separation

It is being reported that the Department of Homeland Security is drafting an order to end family separation, but Trump may not sign it.

The AP tweeted:

DHS is drafting an order, but Trump is suppressing information on the border

This is a report from NBC News’s Cal Perry on Trump administration to stop the media from reporting on the detention centers:

Perry said, “This is not something that I’m used to. I’m used to traveling the world, coming to you live from authoritarian countries in the Middle East saying I’m having problems. We’re being moved and not let inside. It’s happening in Texas.”

DHS may draft the order, but Trump could refuse to sign it

There is a rift in the Trump administration. This order is a signal that there are people within the administration who want this policy to end, but it won’t matter if Trump is still suffering from the delusion that he is “winning” on this issue. This is straight up authoritarian behavior. The White House knows that what they are doing is wrong, which is why they are going to such great lengths to try and suppress the press coverage.

It is unlikely that Trump would sign the order, but the fact that it has been drafted is proof that the public pressure is working and the American people need to keep the heat on.

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