Melania Trump Stages Shelter Photo-Op While Canceling Real Detention Center Visit

Melania Trump visited a church-run shelter and staged a photo-op for the press while canceling the visit to the real detention center.

Video of Trump at the shelter:

The White House canceled the real detention center visit

The Trump administration wanted the images on cable news of the First Lady visiting Upbring New Hope Children’s Shelter. They staged quite a photo-op at the shelter. The problem is the White House then canceled the trip to the real detention center where children are being caged.

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The White House blamed flash flooding for their cancelation of the visit to the detention center, but locals knew of the flash flooding yesterday, which leads one to suspect that the plan was always for Trump to visit the nice shelter for the cameras and then return back to Washington.

The administration had already banned reporters from taking photographs or video of Trump at the detention center. According to the White House Press Pool as provided to PoliticusUSA, ” The tours will be pen and pad only for the pool. No photos or audio, for the safety and privacy of children, we are told.”

Trump is suddenly worried about the safety and the privacy of children being kept in cages. Sure, he is.

It was all a cheap bit of half-baked spin

The question that the White House refuses to answer is that if the detention centers are so great for the children, why aren’t reporters allowed to take pictures or film in the detention centers? Why does the White House keep trying to prevent journalists from filming outside of the centers?

No one should be fooled for a second by Melania Trump’s white safari outfit photo-op. The real detention centers are still open. The administration has no plan to reunite kids with their parents, and the trauma of the children caged inside grows by the hour.

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