Trump Ham Handedly Tips His Hand That His Real Plan Is To End Immigration

If a tweet, Trump ranted that the country didn’t need more immigration judges, which was a tip-off that his real plan is to end the immigration and asylum for non-white immigrants.

Trump tweeted:

If the president really wanted to solve the problem, he would hire more judges to speed migrants through the system, but that is not his goal. Donald Trump is trying to end immigration for non-white people to come to the United States. All of Trump’s policy changes to immigration involve deporting or ending the ability of non-white migrants to gain legal asylum in the United States.

Trump hasn’t targeted all immigrants, just the ones who aren’t white. When Trump made his infamous “shithole countries’ comment, he asked why the US couldn’t have more immigrants from white-dominated countries like Norway, he made his views clear.

In his usual ham-handed fashion, Trump made his point with all the subtlety of a sledgehammer.

He may have temporarily backed down on child concentration camps, but the goal remains the same. Donald Trump wants all non-white immigrants out, and no new non-white migrants in the country. The fight isn’t over. In fact, the battle has just begun.

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