Adam Schiff evidence Trump/Russia collusion

Trump Tried To Con America On Family Separations But He Just Got Busted By Adam Schiff

Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) revealed that Trump’s executive order was a lie, and Homeland Security Secretary Nielsen privately told lawmakers that Trump is going to resume separating families at the border.

Schiff tweeted:

The Executive Order and Melania Trump at the border was a PR show

Axios reported that Trump didn’t sign the executive order because he was upset about the children being separated from their families. The president upset by the endlessly bad coverage that his policy was getting on cable news. Trump responded to the bad coverage, and according to Axios everything that we see from the White House was Trump’s idea, by mounting a propaganda campaign that involved signing the EO, and sending Melania Trump to the border for what was a photo-op at a shelter, and canceling a visit to the actual detention center where children are being held in cages.

Adam Schiff outed Trump’s real plan

Trump was trying to buy himself cover and make the cable news cameras go away. The real plan has always been to resume the family separations once people stopped paying attention. Rep. Schiff was correct. The American people can’t be fooled by Trump’s usual distractions. When Trump is in trouble he trots out the trophy wife to read a statement that has nothing to do with the administration’s actual policy.

The kids that are being taken from their parents with no plan to reunite them can’t afford to wait for a Democratic Congress to be elected in November. The American people must make sure that Trump doesn’t get away with this act of evil.

Rep. Schiff sounded the alarm. It’s time for the American people to stand up.

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