This Is What Trump Is Doing to Innocent Migrant Parents And Children

Watch the traumatic reunion of a mother and seven-year-old boy who were separated for more than a month, because Trump and the Republicans thought it was going to make Democrats pay for his wall.


Guatemalan asylum seeker Beata Mejia Mejia was reunited with her 7 year-old son Darwin on Thursday more than a month after he was taken away by immigration authorities after they crossed the southern border. Mejia-Mejia and her son had an emotional reunion near Baltimore after the Justice Department agreed to release Darwin. Mejia-Mejia is suing several government agencies over the detention of her son. The Trump administration’s “Zero Tolerance” policy led to more than 2,300 migrant children being separated from parents in recent weeks, but the order to separate parents from their children was rescinded following a national outcry.

Trump and his GOP enablers traumatized small children by choice

The policy that Trump enacted was rejected by both the Bush and Obama administrations. Trump made the intentional decision to take accompanied minors away from their parents as a way of inflicting trauma and terror on migrants. The people that are coming to the border aren’t MS-13 as Trump loves to claim. They aren’t “bad hombres.” The people are women and children, and families who are fleeing violence.

The little boy in the video above may have suffered psychological and damage that he will carry with him for the rest of his life. Donald Trump did this to Darwin intentionally. Republicans in Congress are complicit in Trump’s child abuse because they sat on their hands and did nothing to stop him.

Trump signed an Executive Order, but the damage is ongoing.

This is what Trump has done to innocent children whose parents only wanted them to have a safe and better life.

It is a crime and Trump and his Republican accomplices must be punished.

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