Mike Huckabee Tweets Image From Nazi Think Tank To Attack Nancy Pelosi

Mike Huckabee got the image for factually inaccurate and racist attack on Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) from a Nazi think tank.

So, it turns out that Mike Huckabee just like Trump is getting his information from Nazis:

Some in the mainstream press have claimed that Huckabee is being “accused” of racism, but when a man is using images from a Nazi think tank to attack to top Democrat in the House of Representatives, there is much to be left in doubt.

Republicans have made their strategy for the midterm election obvious. They are going to race bait on immigration, and use fear of minorities to try to scare their voters to the polls. When a person is using material from a Nazi think tank, it isn’t an open question of whether or not they are engaging in racism. The press should be condemning Huckabee, not playing the let’s hear both sides game because the facts suggest that Mike Huckabee is using racism to attack Nancy Pelosi, as terror builds within the Republican Party over the possibility of losing Congress in November.

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