Trump Demands That All Democrats Stop Resisting Him

As Democratic resistance grows, Donald Trump is getting desperate and demanding that Democrats stop resisting him.

Trump tweeted:

Democrats will never stop resisting Trump’s cruel and evil policies

Trump’s demand was a tip-off that Republicans couldn’t pass an immigration bill on their own. Instead of working with Democrats, Trump continues to live in the delusion that he is so strong that Democrats have to give in to him.

Trump’s demand came at the same time that he announced that he wants to violate the Constitution and deny migrants due process.

Democrats are never going to stop resisting this president. Donald Trump still doesn’t get it. He can’t insult and demonize Democrats then tell them to do things and expect that they will play along. The presidency is not the Trump Organization. People aren’t going to put up with his nonsense. Trump needs Democratic votes to pass anything on immigration, and he is not going to get them with these policies and this behavior.

Trump is failing as president because he thinks that he is the king of America. He believes that he can decree and order. Democrats aren’t members of the Trump cult and they will never be his loyal subjects. Trump’s demand for an end to the Democratic resistance was not a roar of strength, but a wail of weakness.

Democrats may take control of all or part of Congress in a matter of months, and if this is the approach that Trump is going to use, King Trump is about to be dethroned.

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