Fox News Suspends Former Trump Advisor After Racist Attack On Black Guest

Fox News has suspended ex-Trump deputy campaign manager David Bossie for two weeks for telling after he told an African-American guest that he was out of his cotton picking mind.


Bossie was arguing with Democratic strategist Joel Payne when he said, “You’re out of your cotton-picking mind.”

Payne responded, “Cotton-picking mind? Let me tell you something. You got some relatives who picked cotton. And I’m not going to allow you to attack me like that on TV.”

Bossie later apologized on Twitter, but that wasn’t enough to keep him from getting suspended by Fox News.

The Daily Beast reported, “David Bossie, the former deputy campaign manager for Donald Trump and current outside adviser to the president, has been suspended from his contributor gig at Fox News, The Daily Beast has learned. The suspension lasts two weeks.”

A two-week suspension is not enough. Bossie should be fired, but at least we now know how racist someone on Fox News has to get to merit a suspension. In order to get suspended by Fox, a guest had to compare an African-American to a slave on a plantation on the air to his face. In the land of state-run Trump TV, being a racist isn’t a crime, but acting like a racist will get you a slap on the wrist.

These are the same people who are calling for more civility after Maxine Waters told the American people that they should confront Trump administration officials in public. Rep. Maxine Waters is also African-American. Maybe what the Trump administration really means is that non-white people should stay on their side of the border or stick to the cotton fields?

Fox News the place where old-time racism can still be seen on your television in the 21 Century, as directed by Donald Trump.

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