MAGA Hats Banned From Chicago Bar Due To Lack Of Class

Trump is so toxic that his MAGA hats have been banned from a Chicago bar because they are trying to keep it classy.

The bar posted on Facebook:

Interestingly, MAGA hats were listed with face tattoos as part of new dress code ban.

Replay Lincoln Park owner Mark Kwiatkowski said that the ban was a statement against the ugliness of Trump, “I was just frustrated and I just kind of wanted to make somewhat of a statement. felt like we did have an opportunity to say something that might draw some attention to this ugliness.”

The vast majority of the country is disgusted by what they see coming from Trump and the Republican Party. Pundits and prognosticators keep asking why Trump’s numbers are so low and Republicans are in such big midterm trouble when the jobs numbers are so good? The answer is that this election is about more than economic numbers and historical trends. The tone of Trump and the Republican Party has made people sick.

People are tired of the lies, the hate, the cruelty, and the callousness of the president and his party.

MAGA hats aren’t classy. They never were. The red MAGA hat has always been a symbol of hate, intolerance, and division. Whether it is Sarah Sanders getting kicked out of a restaurant of Honeland Security Secretary getting protested out of a restaurant, the American people are fed up and are showing their contempt for what Trump and his administration are doing to their country.

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