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Rachel Maddow Blows The Lid Off Trump’s Child Kidnapping Ring

What Rachel Maddow exposed on her show provided proof that the Trump administration is running a migrant child kidnapping ring with no thought of reuniting families.


Rachel Maddow said:

What I want to say is while what you just saw is the first smuggled video footage from inside one of these facilities it is likely to be only the first. All right? There will be more. When you take more than 2,000 children forcibly away from their parents and then you don’t make any concerted effort to return those kids to their families, when the government essentially abducts a very large number of children including babies and then scatters them all around the country to all these different facilities with no concrete plans to give them back to their families, that is too big an operation to keep secret.

The reason we know the Cayuga facility in Harlem exists is because someone tipped off a local news station when the girls were arriving and being moved in the middle of the night. The reason ProPublica got that first audio tape that cracked this story open like a nut is because somebody inside a facility got that recording to a lawyer who got it to a reporter who got it to you. The stuff is going to come out. It has to. It’s too big an effort to keep under wraps. And the people involved at every step of this process know that. So much so that there’s one other small piece of tape I want to play you.

This is just audio footage. It’s not video footage. But it was obtained by the same worker inside the same facility last week. And in this audio footage you’ll hear an employee from this facility talking to the kids. And the employee from the facility is essentially warning the kids themselves, hey, don’t talk to the press. It’s in your best interests. If anybody asks you, don’t say anything.

If you tell a reporter, you know what’s going to happen to your case? It’s going to be on the news. And then one doesn’t know what’s going to happen. I’m not trying to scare you. I’m just telling you it’s the truth. You have to be careful not to while you guys are here we’re protecting you. We’re trying to help you guys.

The United States government is abducting children and has no real plan to give them back to their families. Rachel Maddow was right. More is coming from inside these centers. Maddow blew the lid off of this scandal by showing more than crying children.

She showed how there is a systematic cover-up to try to keep the American people from finding out what is going on. Trump’s kidnapping ring is more than a scandal. It is a crime against the country.

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