Trump Lies And Claims Pictures From His Child Prisons That He Released Came From Obama


Trump falsely claimed that all of the pictures that his own administration has released really came from 2014 and Obama.



Trump said, “We want children staying the law has been this law for a long period of time. You would understand this better than most because of the great job you do in your country. No. It was — there was a false story, fake news in the “New just the opposite. I wanted to sign that. In fact, I was saying yesterday before I read this phony story in the “New York Times” that I was very, very happy that I signed that. And it also — it shows, we’re all talking about humanity, whether it is what you are doing in Jordan or what we are doing here, the laws are obsolete. Laws are horrible having to do with the border, both in terms of security and in terms of taking care of people. President Obama had a big problem. In fact, a lot of the pictures used they thought would be I guess — I don’t know what you folks did. You used pictures from 2014. They were all taken during the Obama administration. But the Bush administration had the same — it is the same laws. They’re a disaster. Laws have to be changed. And whether it is North Korea or whether it is so many different things like trade, we’re taking care of a lot of problems that should have been taken care of over the years. Well, one of the highest on the list is immigration.”

The media isn’t allowed to take phones and cameras into Trump’s child prisons

There is one big problem with Trump’s claim. Reporters aren’t allowed to bring cameras or phones into Trump’s child detention centers. All the pictures from the inside of these centers came from Trump’s own administration. The pictures aren’t from 2014. They are from today, and they are being handed out to the media by Trump’s own people. Trump remains obsessed with the visuals that are all over cable news, and since he can’t release positive of children who have been snatched away from their parents and put in jail, he is trying to discredit the source, even though, the source is his own administration.

When things go wrong, Trump’s only move are to discredit the press, and blame Obama.

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