Trump Calls Restaurant That Kicked Out Sarah Sanders Dirty As His Private Club Was Cited For 15 Health Code Violations

Trump spewed false accusations in an attack on an American small business for kicking out Sarah Sanders, while his own private club was cited for 15 health code violations.

Trump tweeted:

Trump’s private club Mar-a-Lago was cited for dozens of health code violations

Trump had no way of knowing if the allegations that he made against the Red Hen were true. In fact, the Red Hen has a glowing inspection record. It can be said with certainty that he did not review their health inspection records before tweeting. Trump also has never been to the restaurant so he doesn’t know if it is “dirty” or not.

The president is certainly an expert on dirty restaurants and health code violations. In November 2017, the kitchens at his private club, Mar-a-Lago, were cited for 15 health code violations. Trump’s dirty on the outside dirty on the inside rule is shallow and idiotic. It is possible for a restaurant to look pristine on the outside and have a completely filthy kitchen, or be using unsafe food storage and preparation practices on the inside.

Donald Trump used the power of the presidency to attack an American small business, with no proof of doing something that his own businesses have been cited for by health inspectors. Trump should be allowed to bully a business for expressing their right to ask a customer to leave their establishment. As children who are locked in cages are still not reunited with their parents, all Trump and his cultists want to talk about is Sarah Huckabee Sanders having to leave a restaurant and Rep. Maxine Waters.

If the Red Hen hasn’t done so yet, they should be filing suit against Donald Trump for his baseless smears against their establishment.

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