No, Trump Supporters, You Don’t Get To Lecture America On Civility


Donald Trump and his loyal minority of supporters have shown a lot of nerve over the past year and a half, frequently whining about tough rhetoric from Democrats or comedians or Hollywood celebrities or the media.

But the audacity they have shown in recent days – launching attacks on Democrats for supposedly inciting violence and being too tough on Trump– has been utterly stunning.

Their phony outrage follows a series of incidents in which Trump officials have been publicly shamed for their refusal to stand up to their boss as he threatens American democracy and puts children in detention camps along the southern border.


The most notable incident of protest occurred when Sarah Huckabee Sanders was denied service at a Virginia restaurant over the weekend, predictably setting Trumpland on fire and leaving all the snowflakes in red MAGA hats whining about the lack of civility on the Democratic side of the aisle.

Democratic Rep. Maxine Waters sent them into even greater fits of frenzy by urging those who oppose Trump to voice their opposition to administration officials in public places.

Regardless of how Trump supporters feel about the restaurant incident or the comments made by Rep. Waters or the often vulgar criticisms coming from Hollywood celebrities, they long ago lost the right to complain.

After all, your president attacked a disabled reporter during the campaign and you laughed:

Your president bragged about grabbing women by the genitalia and you turned the other way:

Your president attacked Sen. John McCain’s heroic service in Vietnam and you nodded with approval:

Your president defended white supremacists after they terrorized an American city and you stood with him:

Your president repeatedly incited violence against protesters at his campaign rallies and you roared with approval – heck, sometimes you even took him up on it:

And on Monday night, your president attacked a sitting United States Senator, suggesting he might have been drunk when discussing the Russia probe:

Of course, this is just a taste of all the times Donald Trump has dragged American politics into the bottom of his dumpster fire presidency. There isn’t enough internet bandwidth to recount all of them.

Trump has been a champion of incivility

To the 30 to 40 percent of the country who still stands with this president: You don’t get to lecture the rest of America on civility when the amoral blob you support has never even pretended to treat anybody with respect – in his business dealings, in his personal life or throughout his political career.

For a year and a half, Trump has tarnished America’s image abroad and poured gasoline on political and racial divisions at home through a vile brand of politics that has the country’s founders rolling over in their graves.

Until Trump supporters renounce the champion of incivility they’ve blindly supported through every disturbing bit of hateful rhetoric and repugnant behavior, they have no right to lecture the rest of the country for standing up against him.