Rep. Maxine Waters Goes On Live TV And Reads Actual Quotes Of Trump Inciting Violence

Democratic Rep. Maxine Waters has taken a lot of heat – particularly from Trump and his supporters – after she urged Democrats to keep the pressure on the administration through public protests.

The president’s supporters instantly accused the Democratic congresswoman of inciting violence – pretty rich coming from them – and Waters took to cable news to set the record straight.

Not only did she reaffirm her belief in peaceful protests, but she reminded Trump supporters that it is their president who has repeatedly done what they are now accusing her of doing.


Rep. Waters said:

This president will try to do everything to divert attention. He calls me names. He calls everybody names. As a matter of fact, we expect that from him. But we expect — we have come too close to normalizing this president. Listen to some of his statements during his campaign and since he has been president. His violent statements are, I quote, I’d like to punch him in the face. Another violent statement, knock the crap out of them. Another one, maybe he should have been roughed up. And then he goes on to say, try not to hurt him, but if you do, I’ll defend you in court. Don’t worry about it. Now, if that’s not creating violence and supporting violence, what is? I’ve said nothing about that. I’ve talked about peaceful protests.

Trump’s attacks are a distraction from his immigration disaster

While Trump and his administration try to play the victim by whining about the rhetoric of Maxine Waters and a restaurant who refused to serve Sarah Huckabee Sanders, there are thousands of children at this hour who remain locked in detention camps, separated from their parents.

They are the real victims, and it’s important that the media and the American people not get distracted by another Trump bait and switch. At this dark moment in political history, there are more important things to be covering.

Regardless of how you feel about Rep. Waters initial comments, what she said on Monday night was correct.

The focus shouldn’t be on Trump’s latest temper tantrum or the attacks waged against her; it should be on the children who have been taken by the Trump administration and locked in cages.