Cooperating Witness Erik Prince Gives Mueller His Cellphone and Computer

ABC News reported on Monday that Erik Prince has turned over to Robert Mueller all of his electronic devices, including his cellphone and computer.

Prince is the founder of Blackwater, the brother of Betsy DeVos, and at the center of Robert Muellers’ investigation of collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia.  Last week Prince suddenly announced to the media that he’s been cooperating with Robert Mueller’s investigation. 

Prince has been at the center of several Russia probe storylines, so that fact that he is cooperating with Mueller, and voluntarily gave the special counsel his cellphone and computer is extremely significant.  Prince was at the infamous Seychelles Islands meeting during which he reportedly made efforts to set up a back channel between Trump and the Kremlin.

Also at the Sychelles meeting was the mysterious Middle Eastern businessman George Nader who has been cooperating with Mueller since January, and who, we reported in May, might be the person who puts Donald Trump Jr. in jail.

In April of last year we reported that Prince, acting on behalf of Donald Trump, secretly met in January of 2017 with a representative of Russian President Vladimir Putin.  In May of this year we reported that Prince was interviewed by special counsel Mueller and his team of investigators.

 And now it appears that Prince is fully cooperating with Mueller which would probably only happen if he was forced to do it.  It is likely that George Nader has already told Mueller everything he knows about collusion between Trump and Russia, and therefore Mueller has evidence implicating Prince.  

Erik Prince is a very smart and savvy person, and he wouldn’t be working closely with Mueller unless he had to do it. He was at several key meetings with Russians, discussing collusion with the Trump campaign, but he may not have committed any serious crimes. The only way for him to stay out of trouble may be for him to tell Mueller the truth and come clean on everything he knows. That appears to be what is happening now.

If Erik Prince is fully cooperating with the Mueller probe that means Mueller will have more than enough evidence to prove that the Trump campaign coordinated with and colluded with and conspired with Russia.  This may be why Donald Trump has been acting very nervous lately.  He probably knows that Mueller is nearly done with his investigation, which may mean that Donald Trump is nearly done being president.