An Enraged Chris Matthews Explodes And Tells Democrats To Fight Trump’s Supreme Court Nominee


Chris Matthews went off and told Democrats that they have to fight Trump’s Supreme Court nominee or Democratic voters, who are sick of this crap, will overthrow them.



Matthews said:

He is a great justice when it comes to these social gender issues. But if he gets replaced by a hardline social conservative, the Democratic leadership will have hell to pay. They cannot let this happen. They have to play hardball. They’ve got to do exactly to the other side what Mitch Mcconnell did to them, play hardball and win. They must prevent the Republican-controlled Senate to pick another justice on this court. Look the decision starting with Bush/Gore.

The Heller case where everybody in the country and have the biggest gun that they can buy. The case on Citizens United where the people with the most money win all the elections. Then that god-awful decision yesterday based on the anti-Muslim ban. They voted right down the line 5-4 in every case. The Democrats have got to fight for that fifth seat with everything they’ve got. If they allow this to proceed, Ng they’re going to look stupid, they’re going to look weak and they’re going to be overthrown. I tell you, the Democratic base is wired now for a revolt. This will be the trigger for it. The shouldn’t have a meeting with any of his nominees. They shouldn’t have any hearings; they shouldn’t show up to any hearings. They should fight this tooth and nail. I’m telling you. I know politics, and this is the time for Democratic base to roar up and say no more of this crap. It’s not going to happen.

Chris Matthews was exactly right. The Democratic base has been angry since the day after the 2016 election. They are enraged and ready for a revolt. If the Democrats want to take back the House and the Senate, they will apply the same standard that McConnell used on Merrick Garland. They will say no votes on any Supreme Court nominees until the next Congress is sworn in. They shouldn’t worry about motivating Trump voters. They should be worried about keeping their own voters happy, and Democratic voters want a fight.

Anything less is going to lead to a total revolt against the party leadership.

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