Rachel Maddow Explains The Tactics That Democrats Can Use To Stop Trump’s Supreme Court Nominee


Rachel Maddow said on Deadline: White House with Nicolle Wallace that if Democrats are willing to go to the limit, they can use tactics to attempt to exhaust and delay Trump’s Supreme Court nominee until after the election.


Maddow was asked by Wallace what tactics are available to Democrats to stop the nominee until after the election, and she answered:


And honestly a more Republican game. It wasn’t Donald Trump that held that Merrick Garland seat in abeyance. That was Mitch Mcconnell, the supposedly pre-Trump Republican Party that was doing that. And that asymmetry applies not just to trump versus normal politicians, but to Democrats versus Republicans on stuff like this, and I mean I think that Democrats, you know, obviously are fighting from a position of weakness in the Senate. One of the other things Mcconnell has done is hs blown up the potential of a filibuster, minority rule filibuster for their supreme court nomination that resulted in Neil Gorsuch. But Democrats have the option to use, exhaust and push to the limit every tactic that they’ got to keep there from being a hearing, to keep there from F being a vote, to push it as long as they can to delay it as long as they can in the expectation that the same sort of public argument that Republicans made, that there had to be an election before there could be a new nomination. That could be applied to what they’re doing here, too. I mean, think — tactically it will be fascinating to see if Democrats have it in them to fight that hard. I do think that the Democratic base is going to want them to fight that hard to really try to save the quarter or die trying.

The Democratic base does expect Democrats to fight with everything that they have, and if they don’t, they will pay the price with their supporters. I can see a scenario where wallets close and all of those little and donations that keep Democratic campaigns running stop coming in. It is about the fight. Democratic have to show their supporters that they are willing to try to beat Trump and the Republicans at their own game. If Democrats want to see a real blue tsunami in November, put the Senate on the line by holding up Trump’s Supreme Court nominee.

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