Sen. Chris Murphy: No Vote On Trump SCOTUS Nominee Until The Next Congress


Sen. Chris Murphy (D-CT) said that Mitch McConnell set the rule, which is why he is saying there should be no vote on Trump’s Supreme Court nominee until the next Congress.

Murphy tweeted:

Mitch McConnell opened this door for Democrats


McConnell made up the rule that a Supreme Court nominee could not be confirmed in an election year. All Sen. Murphy is demanding is that McConnell, Trump, and the Republicans be held to their own rule. The next Congress should get a say on the Supreme Court nominee. Murphy’s comments are a signal that Democrats are gearing up to fight and block Trump’s nominee. Democrats can slow down the pace of the Senate to a crawl, and run out the clock until the election.

Democrats don’t have to stretch it out the whole way until Election Day. Since Kennedy retired effective at the end of July, the next justice has to be confirmed by the Supreme Court’s fall term in October. Democrats just need to keep the clock running until the fall term starts.

It is easy. The rule is no confirmation in an election year, so Trump’s nominee will get no vote until the next Congress is sworn in