Nicolle Wallace Destroys The Big Lie That Trump Is Too Incompetent To Collude With Russia

Nicolle Wallace and her panel wrecked the big lie that Trump is too incompetent to commit crimes and collude with the Russians to win an election.


Wallace said, “His friends will say privately and some of them publicly, that he’s too incompetent to have colluded with Russia, but he’s so good that he lured two guys off the Supreme Court.” She corrected herself and said that Trump has only lured one guy off of the Supreme Court. The other one died.

Later, panelist Frank Figliuzzi added, “I looked at career criminals, organized crime figures. None of them were too incompetent to commit crimes and be corrupt.”

Republicans have used the excuses that Trump is new to politics. He doesn’t know better, or that he is incompetent since he announced his presidential run, but at some point, all of these contradictions begin to add up. Trump can’t be too incompetent to collude with Russia, but slick enough to coax Anthony Kennedy into retirement. Trump can’t both know nothing about politics, but use fear and racism to keep his base in line and divide the country.

Trump is intentionally stupid about the functions of government, but that is ignorance by arrogance because Trump already thinks that he knows everything.

Republicans want you to think that Trump is incompetent. Incompetence is the excuse that they will use to defend Trump’s crimes, but corruption and criminal behavior don’t require genius IQs. You don’t have to be smart to commit a crime.