North Korea Is Hiding Its Nukes, Deceiving U.S.

The Washington Post is reporting this morning that U.S. intelligence agencies have obtained new evidence that North Korea will not surrender its nuclear stockpile, contrary to the assertions of President Donald Trump. U.S. officials also believe that North Korea’s leader, Kim Jong Un, is attempting to hide its nuclear weapons and conceal its nuclear weapons production facilities.

This new information is consistent with our article yesterday which said “U.S. intelligence agencies believe North Korea has increased production of fuel for nuclear weapons at multiple secret sites in recent months.”

After Trump and Kim met in Singapore on June 12 the president bragged that “there is no longer a nuclear threat” from North Korea. He has continued to say in recent campaign rallies that he met with “great success” in his negotiations with Kim.  

Instead U.S. intelligence officials are saying that Kim is exploring the ways in which he can hide his nuclear weapons and lie to the U.S. and its allies as much as possible about North Korea’s nuclear capabilities.

The new evidence was collected by intelligence agencies after the June 12 summit.  They said that it clearly shows Kim is attempting to deceive the United States about the number of nuclear warheads he has in his North Korean weapons arsenal.  They also have found the existence of previously undisclosed facilities used to make fissile material necessary for the production of nuclear bombs.

In short, all of the promises that North Korea was planning to “denuclearize” were complete lies, and all of Donald Trump’s claims of “peace” and “success” were complete shams.  None of it is true.

According to the Post, these new findings give credence to a previously undisclosed report from the U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) that North Korea was not going to denuclearize and had never planned to do so.

“The DIA has concluded that North Korean officials are exploring ways to deceive Washington about the number of nuclear warheads and missiles, and the types and numbers of facilities they have, believing that the United States is not aware of the full range of their activities,” the Post said.

Before publishing this explosive article the Post said they spoke to four different confidential sources who have seen and read the new intelligence reports which concluded that North Korea has been consistently lying to the U.S. about its nuclear weapons program and its plans for the future.

Donald Trump will either hide or lie about this new information because it proves that his North Korean summit was merely a publicity stunt.  It was a true “hoax” which accomplished nothing and in fact may do more harm than good. It proves that he gave many concessions to North Korea and received nothing in return, to the detriment of the United States. It is time Donald Trump left office before he can do more damage to our national security.