Trump Is Almost Begging People Not To Vote For Democrats

Trump’s said that he feels good about the midterms, but his tone of practically begging people not to vote for Democrats suggested that he feels the blue wave coming.


Trump said, “Honestly I feel actually good. The only thing I feel bad about is that I guess 93% of the time whoever wins the presidency tends to do not so good in the midterms. Other than that, we have — this may be — look you do this for a living and nobody does it better, this may be the greatest economy we have ever had. So if it’s all about the economy, I think we should do phenomenally. I think we’re going to do great. I think we’re going to do great in the Senate. I visited three states in the last six days. I think every one of those people have an awfully good chance of winning. I think we’re going to do absolutely fine in the House.”

Trump’s tone was not convincing in the least

In typical Trump fashion, his words say one thing, but his tone delivered an entirely different message. Trump was hedging his bets and giving himself a built in excuse for when Democrats do well with the 93% stat. Secondly, his main argument is please look at the economy and not anything else that I have done. Forget about the babies in cages, trade wars, and the fact that you either have no health care, or your health insurance is more expensive.

Trump’s economy is not the greatest that we’ve ever had

Trump’s economy is not the greatest that we have ever had.

The economic golden age in the US was the 1950s through 1972:

Yet wage growth is moderate, productivity remains tepid and expansion has averaged 2.4% on a year-over-year basis since Trump took office, well below the 4.4% of the 1950s and 1960s.

“If you want to go back to the golden years, I suggest you go back to a year like 1955,” said Robert Gordon, a Northwestern University economist and author of the book The Rise and Fall of American Growth. Dwight D. Eisenhower was president that year. The post-World War II period, up until 1972, “brought sustained increases in the standard of living that are completely different from what we have today.”

Economists are sounding alarms about the next big recession because Trump is exploding the deficit during a time of growth.

The election is not going to be about the economy. It is going to be about Trump and his policies, and the president is saying the words, but he is not doing well at projecting confidence because everytime that he looks over his shoulder, the blue wave is inching closer.

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