James Comey Rips The NRA For Lying And Selling Fear To The American People

Former FBI Director, and gun owner, James Comey ripped the NRA for selling fear and lying to the American people about gun rights.

Comey said in an interview with iNews:

One of the worst things that goes on in the US is the current voice of the National Rifle Association, because it sells fear in the wake of any incident.


The single largest gun sale month in the history of the US was the month after the [20] children were butchered in Sandy Hook, Connecticut, on December 14 2012. I remember the date because it was my birthday and I was living in Connecticut. The reason gun sales spiked to incredible rates after that is the NRA turned around in the wake of that and said: ‘They’re coming for your guns.’ They sold fear to the American people.


Their constant argument is: ‘It’s a slippery slope. If we restrict a particular kind of weapon or raise the age of purchase, it means the end of gun ownership in the US.’ And that argument is a lie. There’s no slippery slope in America when it comes to guns. It’s a concrete staircase, which is our constitution…. We just have to decide should we go up a stair or down a stair.

The NRA is under FBI investigation

The NRA is under FBI investigation for taking money from Russia and funneling it to Donald Trump during the 2016 election. Special Counsel Robert Mueller has obtained the NRA’s bank records and a list of their dark money donors, and the former FBI Director is ripping the organization for selling fear and lies.

Comey’s comments when taken in total with the rest of the pieces of the puzzle show why the NRA are the perfect partners for Putin to use in his attack against the United States. Putin wants to sow fear and divide the American people to weaken the US. The NRA sells lies and fear to keep the country divided on the issue of guns. It is a partnership that makes total sense, and in the middle of it all is Donald Trump, a politician who is trying to hold on to power using fear and division in an effort to keep a unified majority from throwing him out of office.

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