Kellyanne Conway Praises A Fake Mike Pence Account For Calling Out Sexism

Kellyanne Conway praised Mike Pence for calling out sexism. The only problem was that she was praising a Mike Pence fan account on Twitter.

Conway tweeted:

This is a senior advisor to the President Of The United States who didn’t bother to look at the account that she was retweeting.

If she did she would have seen:

content/uploads/2018/07/fake-pence.jpg" alt="" width="457" height="289" class="aligncenter size-full wp-image-319846" srcset=" 457w, 200w" sizes="(max-width: 457px) 100vw, 457px" />

One thing that Conway’s tweet does confirm is that the Trump cult is willing to nominate a woman because her nomination would give them an opportunity to attack Democrats. The same people who won’t check to see if what they are tweeting is real are going to be choosing someone for a lifetime appointment to the Supreme Court. The Trump administration is not only incompetent. They are reckless and don’t care about accuracy and facts.

It doesn’t matter if Trump nominates a fluffy basket of kittens to the Supreme Court. It the president nominates a right-wing extremist, Democrats will fight until their last breath to stop the nomination.

Any administration that isn’t smart enough to look for a blue verified check mark on a Twitter account should not be making Supreme Court nominations.

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