Rachel Maddow Reveals The Red Flags That Are Rocking Trump’s World

Rachel Maddow stressed the red flags and the urgency that suggests that something big is coming with Michael Cohen and that something has the potential to end Trump’s world.


Rachel Maddow said:

George Stephanopoulos said he asked whether president trump had advance knowledge of the trump power meeting that took place during the campaign. A whole bunch of Russians tied to the Putin government showed up at Trump Tower offering dirt on Hillary Clinton, and they got this meeting with Paul manafort and Jared Kushner and Donald Trump Jr. He said when he asked whether or not Donald Trump himself was involved in that meeting, or advance knowledge of it, Mr. Cohen refused to answer. On the advice of counsel. He said he wouldn’t talk about that. At least in the context of this interview. So you think with all the different stuff that Michael Cohen is known have to have been involved in. There got to be a lot of concern about what Michael Cohen could say to prosecutors. What he could provide if did he decide to cooperate. That’s why he responded so negatively when Michael Cohen was first raided. The president called it an attack on the country.

It was the execution of a search warrant. To the president, it looked like the end of the world. We don’t exactly know why but given what he’s been involved in, we can imagine. If he is about to cooperate with prosecutors and all these red flags flying make it seem like he is, why is this happening right now? How quickly do we expect this process to play out? When we saw these same kinds of red flags in the first instance and Rick Gates in the second, things happened very quickly when we saw these signs. Well, there is new reporting on how quickly this does seem to be coming together. In fact, how barely strung together it has been over the past couple of days as somebody is rushing toward something.

Michael Cohen is getting a new legal team. He is ending the joint information sharing agreement with Trump’s lawyers, and the rush is on in a direction that no one is sure of yet. It is a good guess that the rush is on because as Vanity Fair reported, Cohen doesn’t want to be Trump’s whipping boy. Trump has a documented pattern of throwing people under the bus who were loyal to him, and it is only a matter of time until Cohen is Trump’s latest fall guy.

The difference between Michael Cohen and everyone else is that Cohen has the goods to destroy Trump. The Trump spell has worn off. Michael Cohen is out to save himself, and in the process could end Trump’s world.

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