The Prime Minister Of The Netherlands Just Owned Trump On Trade

When Trump tried to claim that not reaching a trade deal would be a good thing, Netherlands Prime Minister Mark Rutte said no, we have to work something out.


In the midst of photo-op with Rutte, Trump was doing his usual trade babble, ” I think the relationship with the Netherlands is better than it was now. We’ll meet over next few weeks ago at NATO, and we’ll discuss that today also and discussing trade and the EU and lots of other things that tremendous numbers are coming out on the United States and government. Our economy is very good. Probably the best it’s ever been. And we are very close to making some very good trade deals, fair trade deals — I want to say fair, fair trade deals for our taxpayers and for our workers and our farmers and a lot of good things be happening. I think the EU we’re going to be meeting with them fairly soon to work something out if we do work it out, that will be positive. If we don’t, it will be positive also because—”

Rutte broke in, “No.”

Trump continued, “We’ll think about those cars –”

Rutte, “We have to work something out.”

Trump went back to insisting that a tariff war with the EU would be positive, “It will be positive.”

Trump has no idea that he is losing on trade

Trump thinks that he is winning on trade. Rutte literally cut Trump off as he was trying to suggest that a trade war with the EU would be a positive. The world is owning Trump on this issue because he refuses to see that he can’t bully and dictate terms to the rest of the world on trade. Watching Rutte and Trump was like witnessing an adult trying to educate a child who thinks that they already know everything but is completely wrong.

The exchange provided a glimpse into how these negotiations go. Foreign leaders say let’s live in reality. Trump says no.

Trump is getting owned, and he thinks that he is winning.

The real losers are going to be the millions of American workers who end up jobless because Donald Trump doesn’t understand how global trade works in the 21st Century.

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