As Michael Cohen Gets Ready To Flip, Trump Cooks Up A New Desperate Obama Smear

Trump tried to distract from his former lawyer Michael Cohen potentially flipping on him by repeating an unproven Fox News smear about Obama.

Trump tweeted:

The president got his information from a Fox News report that claims that former President Obama gave citizenship to 2,500 Iranians as part of the Iran nuclear deal. However, Obama administration officials have denied the claim, and even Fox News has said that there is no evidence to support what the senior Iranian cleric said. None of this matters to Trump, who took a report of a dubious claim about Obama and retweeted it to his cult as a fact.

Trump thinks an unverified claim about Obama is so much worse than treason

Trump is trying to distract attention away from his lawyer potentially flipping on him and prosecutors getting their hands on millions of documents with a smear of President Obama. Trump was trying to paint the things that some right-winger in Iran claims Obama did as worse than the potential treason that Trump committed to win a presidential election. The Michael Cohen news was very bad, so Trump needed a distraction fast, which his cable news propaganda arm provided.

Donald Trump is not some master strategist. His go-to move is always going to be some version of the black guy was worse than I am because I’m white. Trump needs a distraction because his world is about to come tumbling down. Trump will never be the president that Obama was. He knows this, which is why he continues to mount these sad efforts to bring Obama’s reputation down.

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