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Chris Hayes Stunned As EPA Whistleblower Details Scott Pruitt’s Theft From Taxpayers

MSNBC’s Chris Hayes was stunned as he listened to EPA whistleblower, Kevin Chmielewski, detail how EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt is robbing the taxpayers blind.

Video of the moment that stunned Chris Hayes:

Hayes asked, “There were low level, and other reports today, low-level staffers, being asked to charge trips on their credit card and not being reimbursed. Did you ever, is that something you witnessed first hand?”


Chmielewski answered, “Absolutely. I actually saw where the chief of staff Ryan Jackson had to give one of the younger staffers, literally pulled six, $100 bills out of his wallet and gave it to this young lady.”

Hayes, “Wait. What? Because she had charged something and not been reimbursed.”

Chmielewski added, “It was hotel rooms the — hotel rooms from the inauguration that his family stayed in that’s what it was.”

Chris Hayes looks totally stunned.


The whistleblower is a Trump supporter who worked on the Trump campaign

Kevin Chmielewski isn’t some Democrat with a chip on his shoulder. He is a Trump supporter who couldn’t tolerate the level of theft of taxpayer money and corruption that he saw from Pruitt. Trump isn’t going to fire Pruitt. Republicans in Congress aren’t going to hold hearings or pressure Trump to fire Pruitt. Everyone in Republican leadership is turning a blind eye while Scott Pruitt robs the taxpayers.

Electing a Democratic Congress is the only way to stop Scott Pruitt’s stealing. Pruitt is so criminal that even solid Trump supporters are walking away.

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