Malcolm Nance Chillingly Warns That Trump’s War On Credibility Is Going To Get Someone Killed

Malcolm Nance told MSNBC that Trump’s war on anything credible in America is going to damage national security and get someone killed.



Nicolle Wallace: Let me read you this list. Who says Russia meddled to help the CIA, FBI, DNI, Senate Republicans, Senate Democrats, House Democrats and Trey Gowdy. Who doubts that Russia meddled to help trump? Vladamir Putin, Donald Trump, and Devin Nunez. Did I miss anybody?

Malcolm Nance:
You can throw in there everybody that voted for Trump, because whatever he says goes. And whatever Vladimir Putin says goes for President Trump. You know, this is very disturbing, especially that comment about NSA a little bit earlier. First off, 6 million phone calls and e-mails is about ten seconds of collection at NSA. So that’s not very significant. But it just goes to show, they are declaring war on anything credible in America. And it will undermine us. It will damage our national security. And mark my words at some point, it will kill someone.

Trump’s war on anything credible, whether it is the media to critics to the intelligence community, probably already has killed people. We just don’t know it yet. Nance was correct. Trump is damaging critical institutions that protect our national security. Does anyone trust the Trump administration to keep the country safe from another 9/11 terror attack? Does anyone believe that the Trump administration can respond competently to a national crisis? One look at Puerto Rico provides the answer to that question.

This is no game. What Trump is doing is a matter of life and death. US citizens have already unnecessarily lost their lives under this president, and Malcolm Nance knows that other innocent people are going to die because a corrupt president has declared war on the credible institutions that exist to check his abuses.

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