Trump Just Accidentally Admitted That He Knows Nothing


At an event in West Virginia, Trump himself said that he thinks that he is brilliant, but that he really knows nothing.



Trump said, “Now we have what’s called the VA I used to say why don’t they do that? I didn’t know anything. I thought I was totally brilliant. I thought this was the greatest idea. I went to tell people about this, and they said yeah, we’ve been trying to get that passed for forty years. I was very good at getting it passed because we got it past three weeks ago. So now you have VA Choice where if you have to wait, you go to a doctor, we pay the doctor. So it’s great. And we are very proud of that. And we are very proud of what’s happening at the VA. In order to maintain our security as a nation, we understand that we must have economic strength as well. And nobody believes it.”

Never has a president relished his own ignorance so much

Trump is happily admitting that he knows nothing, but yet he thinks that he is brilliant. In one story, Trump just summed up his own presidency. Trump is a president who is full of arrogance, but knows nothing, and is willing to take credit for things that he has absolutely nothing to do with. It is impossible for someone with Trump’s lack of knowledge to build anything. All people with limited like Trump are capable of doing is destroying.

Trump knows how to tear down. He understands how to crush the American dream by ripping children away from their parents. He knows how to make Americans sicker by taking away their health care. Trump knows how to cost people their jobs through unnecessary trade wars by ruining alliances.

Donald Trump knows how to break things, but he has no idea how to fix them.

He thinks he is brilliant, but by his own admission, he knows nothing.

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