Nicolle Wallace Gives The Real Reason Why Trump Finally Gave Scott Pruitt The Boot

Nicolle Wallace said that Scott Pruitt wasn’t given the boot because he was corrupt, but because he was getting bad press for Trump.


Former RNC Chairman Michael Steele said, “And so here’s the thing that is so amusing and amazing about all of this, Nicolle, is that Scott Pruitt didn’t care and neither did Donald Trump to get to 13. Let’s not overlook that.”

Wallace replied, “He’s not getting pushed out because there were 13 (ethical lapses). He’s not getting pushed out because he was weird enough to wear tactical pants in a phone booth. He’s getting pushed out because he was getting bad PR for Donald Trump.”

Scott Pruitt did the one thing that could get him kicked out of the Trump administration

There is only one thing that Trump responds to. There is only one thing that a cabinet member can do to lose their position. Any cabinet member that gets Trump bad cable news coverage will be toast. People in Trump’s cabinet can be as corrupt and greedy as they want. They can be flat out criminal, and still have a job, but what they can’t do is generate bad coverage on cable news.

Nicolle Wallace was right. It wasn’t Scott Pruitt’s corruption that cost him his job. Pruitt probably could have stayed through the whole Trump presidency if he would have been quietly robbing the taxpayers. Pruitt got canned because he made Trump look bad on TV.

The lesson is that if you want to rock Trump’s cage, the best and only way to do it is to get bad publicity for Trump on cable news.

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