Trump Goes On Tirade Attacking The Constitution And Demands The Power To Throw Immigrants Out

Trump went on a tirade against the Constitution where he declared America his property and demanded the power to throw immigrants out of the US.

Trump tweeted:

Trump thinks that America is his property and that the Southern border is his front yard. He also believes that as the “property owner” he has the power to just tell immigrants to get out of the United States of America. The President Of The United States has proclaimed himself to be bigger than the Constitution.

Donald Trump does not own America. We have a Constitution and a system of checks and balances that prevent a president from acting like a king. Trump can’t just tell people to get out of the United States, and what Trump means by fixing our immigration laws is that he wants Congress to take away due process and give him the power to toss immigrants out of the country whether they have just arrived in the US across the border or through legal means. The next step for Trump is a crackdown on legal immigration. Trump wants to decrease the number of non-white immigrants legally coming into the country.

Trump’s thoughts are dangerous, and it is one of the biggest reasons why the nation needs a Democratic Congress to stop his lust for unconstitutional actions.

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