Trump Tried To Claim That He Is Still Draining The Swamp, And Ari Melber Destroyed Him

Trump went to Montana and still tried to claim that he is draining the swamp. MSNBC’s Ari Melber shattered this ridiculous lie.


Trump said in Montana, “Washington tried to change us, but instead, we are actually changing Washington. We’ve had a big impact. We need Matt Rosendale in the Senate to continue our fight to drain the swamp. We’re going to get it done.”

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Melber hammered Trump’s greedy one percenter cabinet:

Now, Pruitt’s swamp habits may be brazen and tone deaf, but he’s not alone. Trump’s Commerce Secretary recently exposed for pocketing nearly $6 million with improper divestment delays. His interior secretary under pressure for dealings with the oil giant Haliburton. Trump’s treasury secretary exposed for questionable taxpayer-funded travel, an issue that caused trump’s health secretary his job already and then there is trump’s housing chief, Ben Carson. He’s actually probably the closest to Pruitt in allegations of petty fleecing, like spending $31,000 to redecorate his own office.

You take it altogether, this is a portrait of greed and self-dealing. It is worth remembering who it is that’s acting this way. The Trump cabinet is the wealthiest in American history. Millionaires and billionaires who argued they would better prioritize the public interest because they’re already rich and they would have less temptation to fleece the government. That’s an argument, but it hasn’t worked out that way. We are witnessing the exact opposite. A cabinet of entitled 1%ers who appear so out of touch sometimes they don’t realize they are risking their jobs when they do these things. Now, this kind of greed is likened to pigging out, which is of course why greedy spending on behalf of your own district is called pork barrel spending. Scott Pruitt and Tom Price though they went beyond the usual Washington pigging out. In terms of their careers, they stuffed themselves to death like suicidal geese trying to Foie gras themselves. If he won’t concede Pruitt’s errors in his speech tonight. Trump is so obsessed with spin, even if he takes a corrective action, like ousting Pruitt he then refuses to preach what he practiced.

We are watching a greedy cabinet of one percenters gorging themselves on the public’s dime. It is a level of corruption that doesn’t get enough attention, but when the American people say that they want their government back from Trump, this is what they are talking about. Trump didn’t drain the swamp. He expanded it and moved a whole bunch of new swamp monsters in that are devouring your tax dollars, while Republicans take away your health care.

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