As Trump Rips Migrant Kids From Their Parents, He Tries To Hire More Foreign Workers For His Club

There are as many as 3,000 migrant kids separated from their parents, thanks to this president’s policies, while he is also trying to hire dozens of more foreign workers for his private golf club.

Donald Trump decided to rip migrant children away from their parents by the thousands, while at the same time he is trying to hire more foreign workers to serve him and his rich friends at his Mar-a-Lago private club.

The Washington Post reported:
The latest data was posted late Thursday on the department’s website: Trump’s club has asked to hire 21 cooks from overseas and employ them from October to May. At the end of that term, the workers would be expected to return home.

Earlier on Thursday, another posting showed Trump’s club also wants to hire 40 foreigners to serve as waiters and waitresses at the club. Mar-a-Lago is a for-profit social club, catering to the wealthy wintertime residents of Palm Beach. It also houses private living quarters for Trump — who has visited repeatedly, and dubbed the club the “Winter White House.”

Trump makes his view of migrants place in US society clear

To Donald Trump, migrants aren’t people who deserve to come to this country to chase the American dream. (Remember, Trump is trying to crack down on both legal and illegal immigration). Immigrants are fine as long as they are working in a service industry and service people like Trump and his pals. The nation fought a civil war and had a civil rights movement to fight back against people who hold the view that a group of people is inferior or undeserving because of the color of their skin.

It is fine for Trump to hire foreign workers, but those workers need to be in service industries.

Trump isn’t making America great. He is taking the country back to Jim Crow and before.

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