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Fox News Paints Jim Jordan As The Real Victim In Wrestler Sex Abuse Scandal

Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) and his Fox News allies made it sound like he was the real victim, not the six Ohio State wrestlers who told him that they were being abused as he turned a blind eye.



Bret Baier: Congressman, have you been in politics a long time. Last thing, is this the toughest thing have you had to deal with?

Rep. Jim Jordan: It’s been the toughest week. Look, I don’t want to — it’s just been — there is lots of things that people have to go through tough things. It’s just been an emotional week I should say because our son got married last Saturday. This all happened. Last night we lost a nephew. He was killed in a car — he wrestles for the University of Wisconsin, a junior. National qualifier. Wonderful kid and killed in a car wreck last night traveling out to Iowa to see his sister who is the statistician for the Iowa wrestling team. All kinds of Americans have to deal with tough things, but this is wrong. It’s just wrong.

Fox News was trying to turn Jim Jordan into a victim

Jordan laid out several different conspiracies from Rod Rosenstein to Hillary Clinton that could be out to get him. He called the Ohio State wrestlers who were victimized liars and thieves, and the interview was topped off by Fox News asking Jordan if this was the toughest thing that he ever had to deal with. What about the victims? They had their lives damaged forever. No one at Fox News cares about them, because the entire Jordan interview was about playing into the conservative victimization and persecution complexes. Jordan and Fox News don’t care about the victims. They are trying to save a Trump defender and one of the primary members who is trying to derail the Russia investigation.

Jim Jordan isn’t the victim here, but the Fox News propaganda machine will stop at nothing to protect Donald Trump and his House Republican accomplices.

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