Amid Scandals And Strife Can You Hear The ‘Prayer Of The Children’?

We live in a noisy world. In the cacophony of words and sounds that fill the air waves of radio and television and that stuff up our ears and cross our eyes from tweets to television news, advertising, and even the inner cries of our own being, innocent children are crying out for their parents from the prison of their own fear and the caged walls of an unknown room.

Can you hear the prayer of the children?
On bended knee, in the shadow of an unknown room
Empty eyes with no more tears to cry
Turning heavenward toward the light

Most of America along with the rest of the world watched in utter horror and great distress as Donald Trump’s new “zero tolerance” policy ripped children out of their parents’ arms when they reached the United States’ southern border seeking asylum.

It is patently obvious that this is not about following broken and inhuman immigration laws or protecting our national security as the Trump Administration keeps saying. It is grotesque racism that has been exacerbated with Donald Trump’s presidential nomination nearly two years ago by a people who fear the loss of a white Christian America.

Donald Trump with his presidential power is the executor of the racism of the base that elected him and the Congress that enables him.

Can you feel the hearts of the children?
Aching for home, for something of their very own
Reaching hands, with nothing to hold on to,
But hope for a better day a better day

In the coming days, Donald Trump will name a nominee to be the next justice to serve on the Supreme Court of the United States and the first deadline for reuniting children and their parents will pass without much progress.

In a debate that means everything and nothing to the innocent suffering in cages, we will hash out the history of Trump’s Supreme Court nominee, the significance for the future of the court and the country and given the McConnell rule and the Mueller investigation whether a vote should be taken at all before the seating of the new Senate and the conclusion of the Mueller probe.

While children wrap themselves in the cold comfort of a mylar blanket resting exhausted from anxiety and worry on mats that must suffice for beds, farmers, manufactures, and other business leaders will be attentive to Trump’s tweets as a trade war with China commences.

As parents are deported to Central America without their children, diplomats and world leaders will contend with the fallout of Trump’s failed summit with Kim Jong Un and his anticipated summit in Helsinki with Vladimir Putin.

In the deluge of breaking news and endless scandals emanating from the White House and Congress, it is easy to be overwhelmed as our democracy is chipped away. Nevertheless, our shared humanity will not let us turn a deaf and tired ear to the hearts and cries of the migrant children including infants and babies who have been taken from their parents and put in cages.

On this day take a moment away from the noise and chatter. Take a few moments to listen to this song in the new context of children not from Bosnia, Croatia, and Serbia, but Guatemala, El Salvador, and Honduras. Take a quiet moment to hear their prayer and to remember their daily fear, anxiety, and the uncertainty with which they have been forced to live.

The story behind the song and complete lyrics can be found here.

Though the Trump Administration is deaf to the cries and prayers of these children and their parents, demand accountability, demand a plan for reunification, demand compassion for these who have fled violence and risked everything in hope of a better life here.

Amid the noise of scandal and strife the prayer of the children continues to rise. In a world exhausted by endless words their tearless cries pierce through the cacophony unstopping our stuffed-up ears.

 Can you hear the voice of the children?
Softly pleading for silence in a shattered world?