CNN Anchor Laughs In Rudy Giuliani’s Face As He Lies About The Mueller Investigation

CNN’s Dana Bash laughed in Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani’s face when he claimed that his defense of Trump isn’t motivated by political considerations.


Transcript via CNN’s State Of The Union:
BASH: Are you trying to delay — are you trying to delay this investigation, at least the conclusion of this investigation, until after the midterms?

GIULIANI: I want to get it over with, but I’m not going to…

BASH: Until after the midterms? Would you rather at this point it…



GIULIANI: I don’t let political considerations enter into this.

BASH: Really?


Trump’s legal defense is so unbelievable that it is being laughed at

Trump and his TV lawyer have reached such an absurd point that even respected journalists can’t listen to their answers without laughing at them. It is obvious that Trump doesn’t want to do an interview with Mueller and that he is trying to stonewall the Russia investigation until after the midterm election. One suspects that if the Mueller report comes out before the midterms, Republicans could lose the House and the Senate.

Rudy Giuliani went on CNN and continued Trump’s attack on the Mueller with reams of lies and conspiracies.

Trump’s lawyers are trying to buy him time while hoping that they can discredit the Mueller investigation enough so that when the report does come out, Trump can avoid impeachment. However, the defenses that they are offering publicly are so unbelievable that people can’t hear them without laughing. When the subject of a criminal investigation’s defense and excuses are being laughed at, they are in a world of trouble.

No one outside of the Republican Party and conservative media are buying the Trump act anymore.

It has gotten so bad that Trump’s lawyer is being laughed at on national television.

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