Trump’s Weekend Meltdown Worsens As He Bitterly Relives The 2016 Election

Trump’s Twitter account tweeted out a video of people saying that he couldn’t win the 2016 election, which suggests that the weak Oval Office occupant is melting down and needed something to soothe he broken feelings.

Trump’s account tweeted:

The tweet coming from Trump’s account couldn’t be more obviously not from Trump because a). Trump does not know how to tweet videos, and b). the tweet obviously came from someone on his staff who wanted him to see it and get a morale boost.

The night before the president is about name a Supreme Court nominee, and his Twitter account is bitterly living an election that was almost two years ago. Something is seriously wrong here. The American people can’t treat this as normal behavior.

When not on the golf course, Trump spent Saturday ranting conspiracy theories and raving about the Russia investigation. Trump is not doing well, and this is not the mindset that one wants to see from a president who is about to meet with world leaders and has launched a trade war that is already damaging the US economy.

When staff is putting videos on Trump’s Twitter account to boost the spirits of their boss, things are quite possibly worse than anyone imagined at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

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