Cory Booker Just Went To Town On Trump For Trying To Rig The Supreme Court To Avoid Prison

Sen. Cory Booker (D-NJ) said that Trump picked the one nominee that would rule in his favor and keep away from criminal prosecution.


Booker told Rachel Maddow, “If you look at the 20 or so people, the one person who could be most assured to rule in his favor with the things you’re describing is this judge. He picked the one guy who has specifically written that a president should not be the subject of a criminal investigation which the president is right now. So this seems to be, of all the people, the most self-serving the person he could choose in order to protect himself from this criminal investigation.”

Booker later added, “I have no doubt this president who seems to be very concerned about himself, didn’t see that as a shining pearl within the picks that he had and the criteria that he looked at. I’ve been saying emphatically before this and now with even stronger voice that we as the United States Senate, forget partisanship or what have you, to avoid a constitutional crisis, we cannot let this confirmation process go forward. Especially now that we have someone who has clearly said that they have a strong opinion should any of those issues come before the Supreme Court. We know now the ideas that you said are on not settled law. Whether the president can pardon himself. Whether the president can just dispense with a criminal investigation. A lot of these issues could come right before that justice that now he is one hundred percent certain will have his back.”

Cory Booker has been calling this since Kennedy retired. Trump picked the one person who is certain will do everything to keep him in the White House and out of prison. This nomination must be stopped. The good thing for Democrats is that Trump also picked the one nominee who has more than 300 decisions that must be reviewed. This confirmation process is not going to go quickly, and if Democrats slow the pace, it could be a long and difficult fall for Trump and Brett Kavanaugh.

The American people will not stand by and allow Trump to rig the Supreme Court.

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