Russ Feingold Rips Criminal Trump For Stealing An Election And The Supreme Court

Former Sen. Russ Feingold laid into Trump for first stealing an election, the Supreme Court, and now turning the highest court in the land into a kangaroo court.


Feingold said on MSNBC’s The Beat with Ari Melber, “The stakes couldn’t possibly be higher. What we have here is the United States Supreme Court is really changing its character. First of all, it was stolen. This whole seat was stolen, the Scalia seat. After that, you have a president who wasn’t even elected by the majority of the Americans being able to pick that replacement instead of Barack Obama. Now, you have the president picking more people when he’s under investigation for probably legal activity before and after he became president. What we really have is the United States Supreme Court is becoming a kangaroo court. The definition of a kangaroo court is a court where the outcome is predetermined.”

Feingold was totally correct. The best strategy for Democrats is to gum up the works in the Senate for as long as they can as they recruit one moderate Republican or more to come along with them and kill this nomination. The conventional wisdom has been that Trump and the Republicans are rushing to get this nomination confirmed before the midterms, but I suspect that they are also rushing because they are trying to beat the Mueller report.

After Robert Mueller’s report is released, it is unlikely that Trump will be getting anything through Congress, and the Mueller report could cause the brakes to be put on a Supreme Court nominee. Republicans are rushing through this nomination for a reason, which is that between the Russia investigation and the midterm elections, the GOP total control of the federal government is on borrowed time.

Former Sen. Feingold nailed it. An illegitimate president who is under criminal investigation can’t be permitted to turn the Supreme Court into a rubber stamp sham.

Democrats are gearing up for a fight and the battle begins at 9 PM ET.

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