Trump Bows Down To North Korea While Begging Kim Jong-un On Nuke Deal

Republicans who spent years accusing Obama of bowing down to America’s enemies are watching Donald Trump bow down to a North Korean regime that has threatened to attack the United States.

Trump pleadingly tweeted:

Trump is weakly begging North Korea to pretty please denuclearize

Trump’s tweet was the opposite of American strength. Trump didn’t say to the regime that they should cut a deal to denuclearize or face even more crippling sanctions. The problem is that Trump has already given away his big incentive to get a deal. Kim Jong-un already got what he wanted. The brutal dictator gained legitimacy through a meeting with Trump and photo-op on the world stage.

The meeting should have never taken place until the administration had a firm deal in writing. Trump’s impulsive actions killed any chance of an agreement and have resulted in foreign policy humiliation for the US. All Trump can do is plead with Kim Jong-un to be a good boy and not go back on an agreement that never existed. Republicans mocked the light years more successful Obama foreign policy, when what they have replaced it with a humiliating debacle that will take the United States years, if not decades to recover from.

A man who campaigned on, “so much winning” has done nothing but lose.

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