Protesters Force Fox News to Cancel Live Show From Supreme Court Steps

On Monday night Fox News anchor Shannon Bream was forced to cancel her live show from the steps of the U.S. Supreme Court after President Donald Trump announced his selection of Judge Brett Kavanaugh to replace Justice Anthony Kennedy. The Supreme Court steps is the location where activist demonstrators had gathered to protest Trump’s nomination.

Bream was planning to do a live report from the steps of the Supreme Court building but said she felt too threatened to continue, and said that the situation was “too volatile for her. Both pro-life and pro-choice demonstrators were on the scene and engaged in loud and intense shouting matches with each other.

Although there apparently was no actual violence, Bream did describe the atmosphere at the scene in her tweets.

“Very few times I’ve felt threatened while out in the field. The mood here tonight is very volatile. Law enforcement appears to be closing down 1st Street in front of SCOTUS,” the Fox News anchor wrote in a tweet.

Bream and other reporters said that protesters were screaming back and forth and each other in the midst of a heavy law-enforcement presence.

Some pro-abortion activists held signs that read “Protect Roe” and “Don’t Criminalize Abortion,” while others chanted “Kavanaugh has got to go!”

There were also some Democratic leaders in attendance, including Senators Kirsten Gillibrand of New York and Bernie Sanders of Vermont. Both Gillibrand and Sanders spoke to the crowd and seemed to stir things up. After Trump’s announcement Senate Democrats said they would oppose Kavanaugh’s nomination.

“Literally had to bail on our live show from #SCOTUS. Moving the show back to the safety of the studio. See y’all at 11p @FoxNews,” Bream added in another tweet.

Bream discussed her experiences at the Supreme Court protests while interviewing Nebraska Republican Senator Ben Sasse in her studio. She told Sasse that her interview with him had been planned to be conducted at the Supreme Court building location but “it got a little too rowdy out there at the court tonight.”