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Rachel Maddow Fuels The Fire To Stop Trump And Putin’s Great Derailment Of America

Rachel Maddow showed how the fight over Trump’s Supreme Court nominee could be a tool to fight back against Trump and Putin’s derailment of the US.


After tying Trump’s efforts to blow up NATO to his upcoming meeting with Putin and Brexit, Rachel Maddow said, “This is not a time of. I’ve heard people say this is a time of realignment in the world. It doesn’t feel to me like a time of realignment. It feels more like to a time of derailment. Sometimes things fall apart. You push them hard enough, and sometimes you forget what you need to do to hold them together. Things fall apart. Trains go off the tracks. But part of fighting the derailment now is a good old-fashioned American battle over who gets to sit on the supreme court. And for all the other unprecedented stuff we’re going through, fighting who gets to sit on the Supreme Court is something we know how to fight over in this country, even if it has never before had these same stakes.”

Those who call our current state of affairs a realignment are trying to normalize Trump

A realignment is something normal. It is a popular shift when a nation’s politics catches up to the will of the people. The events of the 2016 election and Brexit were not a realignment. They were a derailment caused by an outside actor. When a nation’s institutions, principles, or governing systems derail, it is up to the people to put things back on track. When Democrats talk about needing the people in this Supreme Court fight, what they are referring to is the nation coming together to return the Supreme Court nominating and confirmation process back to normal. What Mitch McConnell and Donald Trump have done is not normal.

It shouldn’t be normalized by calling it a realignment.

It is a derailment caused by Putin, and it is up to the American people to take their country back through this Supreme Court fight and make things right.

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