Standing Next to His Possibly Illegal Immigrant Wife Trump Blasts Migrants

Reacting to court rulings against his administration’s migrant detention policies on Tuesday, Donald Trump blasted immigrants, saying they should not come to the United States illegally, as he stood next to his immigrant wife who seems to have violated U.S. immigration law.

“I have a solution: Tell people not to come to our county illegally. That’s the solution. Come legally… We have laws. We have borders. Don’t come to our country illegally. It’s not a good thing,” the Republican President said, ignoring the fact that his own wife appears to have violated those very laws.

On Monday, Los Angeles U.S. District Court Judge Dolly Gee dismissed as “dubious” and “unconvincing” the U.S. Justice Department’s arguments to modify a 1997 settlement that says children can only be held in immigration detention for up to 20 days.

The Trump administration is supposed to unite immigrant families that it separated at the U.S.-Mexico border after another U.S. judge in San Diego last month ordered them to be reunited by Tuesday. Monday the Trump administration announced they would only be able to reunite about 54 of the children separated from their parents under Trump’s “zero tolerance” policy.

Under the umbrella term of “migrant,” you have refugees and asylum seekers who are being forced to flee to save their lives, explained Adrian Vore after talking to experts in the San Diego Tribune in 2015. “Tatiana Sanchez, the U-T’s immigration reporter, said immigrants are willingly settling in a country. She said migrants are more associated with refugees, or they are workers moving from job to job with seasons. L.A. Times reporter Alexandra Zavis, who’s covering the European crisis, explained why the word migrants is used, not immigrants, in reports on the subject.

“Migrant is a broad term that includes refugees and those moving for economic reasons.”

The UN defines migrant thusly, “While there is no formal legal definition of an international migrant, most experts agree that an international migrant is someone who changes his or her country of usual residence, irrespective of the reason for migration or legal status. Generally, a distinction is made between short-term or temporary migration, covering movements with a duration between three and 12 months, and long-term or permanent migration, referring to a change of country of residence for a duration of one year or more.”

So, Melania Trump is a migrant. In 2016, the Associated Press found documentation showing that Melania Trump had broken immigration law when she first came to the US in 1996 by working as a model on a tourist visa.

We are not even sure if she ever cleared up her immigration status. The Trump campaign promised they would, but never did and the claims they made were never documented (ironic for Mr and Mrs Birther). We are also unclear on her parent’s status, but they appear to be the recipient of the much Republican maligned process of “chain-migration”, or family reunification visas for the rest of us.

So Donald Trump is denying that his immigration policy is based on prejudice, but he is blasting migrants while standing next to his migrant wife who appears to have violated immigration law herself.

So “zero tolerance” is actually not zero tolerance, because it was okay for his wife and her family, all of whom are white.

(Additional reporting by Reuters’ Roberta Rampton)