Trump Makes Immigrants Pay For DNA Tests To Get Their Kids Back

After being ordered to reunite parents with the children that he kidnapped, Trump is making immigrants pay for DNA tests to get their kids back.

The Daily Beast reported, “The government recently told four immigrant women that they must pay for DNA tests to prove they are related to the children they were separated from in order to be reunited, according to the shelter that housed the women. The tests are the latest ad hoc effort by the Trump administration to reunite families it had separated—in some cases because authorities took documents from adults proving they are related to their children. The tests are being administered by a private contractor on behalf of the Department of Health and Human Services, which oversees the care and housing of children. HHS has refused to name the contractor, which may be a violation of federal law.”

Trump steals the children of immigrants at the border, gets ordered by the court to give the kids back, and he responds by making parents pay for the DNA tests to have their children returned to them. The administration takes it a step beyond by refusing to make public who the immigrants are paying the extortion to get their offspring back.

The Trump administration never had any intention of reuniting the families. They were hoping to make an example of the parents and spread a cautionary tale of terror that they believed would keep immigrants from coming to the US. Who is making money off of Trump’s kidnapping, and how much of that money is finding its way back into Donald Trump’s pocket?

Everything in the Trump administration is about making a buck.

It is not an exaggeration to call what Trump has done to migrant children kidnapping. The ransom that these immigrants must pay is the cost of a DNA test. Trump immorally seized children, and now he is making the parents pay for his crime against the American dream.

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