Trump Supreme Court Announcement Bombs As Ratings Drop 21%

Trump’s ratings for the Kavanaugh announcement were down 21% from the number of viewers who watch the Neil Gorsuch nomination to the Supreme Court.

TVNewser reported, “After FBN’s numbers come in, the total should be just under 26 million viewers across 8 broadcast and cable TV networks who will have watched Trump nominate Judge Kavanaugh. That doesn’t include more watching on smaller cable networks and streaming news services. But it’s also -21 percent from the nearly 33 million who watched him nominate Neil Gorsuch to the SCOTUS on Jan. 31, 2017.”

Trump fatigue is real

A president who views everything through the lens of TV ratings is certain to be disappointed by how few Americans tuned in to see a big “reveal” that he spent days hyping like it was a reality television show. The implication of more than 20% of his viewership coming from Fox News is that Trump’s base is tiny, and what is even worse for Republicans running in November, the rest of the country not only dislikes Trump, but they are tuning him out.

Trump is being treated by most of America like he is already a lame duck. The bully pulpit has been turned into a tiny soapbox for a cult leader and his followers who stand on a street corner and howl at the moon.

Donald Trump and his true believers can’t see it, but these numbers suggest that to the vast majority of Americans, the Trump presidency is already gone.

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